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How to use our service

Reception Please show your ID
Please choose one of the courses that you prefer. We have a space/area only for women. White tone, the cell appears brighter. It is not possible to change course once the service get started.
Please enter the booth
in the booth, you can use PC, Internet and movies freely.
We offer free drinks. we offer alcohol but charged.
There are books and comics in the unit, you can use freely
We provide 24-hour shower and laundry but charged. We provide shower and laundry for women only.
The ladies' zone as well as the flat booth we offer a good bead cushion of comfort.
You can go out during our course. If you select a course and pai in advance, you can go out and come back.
Free to bring food. you can bring lunch box and alcohol in booth.
Oxygen capsule, such as a massage chair is available at special prices.
Please make settlement before you finish our course and leave.
If you use our course more than 12 hours, we will ask for making settlement once.








The street network Coffee Nihonbashi

リラクゼーションハイパーカフェ あの街ねっと 大阪 日本橋店